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Hope someone can help me with this. Spent a lot of time reading different posts.

I am running a Proxmox VE 3.3 and KVM's work fine.

Now trying Containers based on turnkey templates.

Joomla 2.5 i am familiar with so tried to instll this. After installng the container boots and i 

access the webinterface from a browser on it's IP-adres.

The first time configuration stops at step 4 where i get the error (See atached file).

" Unable to connect to the Database: Could not connect to MySQL."

Not so surprising since i dont know the databasename nor the username or password.

Where can i find this information??

I checked if mysql is running: yes it is.


with regards.



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So just like on KVM builds, you still need to run the firstboot (init) scripts. To do that log in via SSH (user: root - password: <set at container creation>) and they should auto start...

If for some reason something went wrong (and/or it didn't auto start) then try running them manually with 'turnkey-init'.

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Tnx Jeremy for the quick response.

Did some reading in jour numerous posts already before my posting this question.

With regards to the KVM's on proxmox i do a full install and dont use KVM-builds just yet.So basicaly just as if in front of a physical machine so no initial scripts to run here.

With te container with Joomla i loged in as root and typed the "turnkey-init" but this was not recognized. 

Nor can i find a file on de VM with that name.

(I suppose in a SSH-shell or on the vnc-terminal wont be different. both did not work).

Where should i find these scripts?

And do you have a link where i can do some more reading on this subject? Dit some searches in de proxmox community and tkl but was not able to find good results.

tnx in advance :-).


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Are you 100% that you are using a TKL OVZ template? It should have a name like:

Or similar (that was just off the top of my head).
Also FWIW here is the location of turnkey-init:

# whereis turnkey-init 
turnkey-init: /usr/sbin/turnkey-init
(I suppose in a SSH-shell or on the vnc-terminal wont be different. both did not work).

Both should have exactly the same outcome... (so long as you use root)

Out of interest did you download the template through the PVE WebUI (storage>>content>>templates; scroll down to section 'turnkey'; select template and click 'download'). IIRC there are other third party appliances available there; just make sure that you are getting the right ones...

I am not aware of where you can do more reading (beyond the general TKL docs and/or google)... But FWIW the docs are a wiki so if you find anything of interest (even if it's in the forums and prob should be in the docs) p[ease feel free! :)

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I downloaded the template "debian-6.0-joomla_2.5-2_i386.tar.gz" via webui/storage/content/templates like you mentioned. It is indeed NO turnkey-OVZ. I scrolled down and found a real turnkey joomla 2.5 template.

The turnkey-init-file is not present on the debian-6.0-joomla_2.5-2_i386.tar.gz but that is no real surprise anymore.

For comparison i downloaded the wordpress tkl OVZ "debian-7-turnkey-wordpress_13.0-1_i386.tar.gz" and created a new container. With first login via SSH I DID see and autorun de initial setup. After that I was able to access te wordpress-dashboard :-).

With regards to the TKL Joomla: i got it up and running also after install and initial SSH-access configuration.

This is in the catagory "read better PH" i guess ;-).

So tnx Jeremy for your help! Wrong template was the problem here!

You realy helped me out here!


With regards,


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Maybe just an rror or error in your mysql config. Check the settings or config file in the application webroot. Typically that is where applications have this info. Perhaps you could check mysql permissions for the user you are using through phpmyadmin.

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David, tnx for your reply.


Since this is an out of the box soultion -which i downloaded and installed and tried to configure several times-

There should not be an issue like you suggest. The whole idea is a "noob" application with no fuz.

My knoledge of mysql is close to zero. If it is a advanced mysql-config-issue..... i will leave it at that i guess.

For now i'll try to follow Jeremy's angle in trying to run the initial config.


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