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Didn't see this anywhere so just going to ask.  We have installed a core and added things like ftp, nfs, etc. and when we do a restore, they don't seem to get restored.  Is there a procedure to make this happen?

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Did an apt-get dist-upgrade, then a backup, then created a new machine and did a restore and the dist-upgrade did not come in from the backup

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So long as they are installed from Wheezy (assuming v13.0) main Debian (or TurnKey) repo then they should be being reinstalled on restored.

But if they are coming from a non-standard place e.g. backports or a third party repo then no they won't get auto restored.

As for apt-get dist-upgrade, no I don't think it will do that either. AFAIK it just runs a non-interactive apt-get install.

However it is quite configurable with regards to other operations that you'd like it to do. I suggest that you have a read up on TKLBAM hooks. You should be able to configure a hook to run a dist-upgrade pretty easy I'd think...

Let us know how you go.

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