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 Are there any reasons not to attempt an upgrade of a new lamp install to debian jessie?

We need to use jessie for our mediawiki installed from git.

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Other than the fact that technically Jessie is not 'production ready' (as it is still testing...). As you are probably aware TurnKey v13.0 is Debian Wheezy under the hood so essentially the process should be like any other Wheezy -> Jessie upgrade.

Something worth keeping in mind though; as TurnKey doesn't yet have a Jessie repo I am not quite sure how that part will go. You may find that it might break some of the TurnKey specific bits...!?

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we run gosa  [  an easy ldap manager ]  on core.

after upgrade to jessie last night's backup worked.  as expected but had to be tested.

the procedure used was simple

1- comment out turnkey lines in sources .   we'll re enable when there are jessie turnkey debs .

2- change wheezy --> jessie  at /etc/sources/sources.d

3- then apt update and dist-upgrade

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Thanks for posting back with your experience and hints! :)

FYI we intend to add a TKL Jessie repo in the next few weeks. Ideally packages built for Jessie will be available prior to Jessie stable release; but worst case scenario - very soon after!

My intention is to announce that once it's happened via our blog/newsletter so those that wish to manually upgrade their existing servers themselves will be able too.

We'll also be working on releasing Jessie based appliances soon too; although it is unlikely that any of them will be publicly available prior to Jessie stable release.

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I just found I needed to pull a Jessie build for my Odoo Test install.  Seems I have tied in a knot now.

I thought it would be easy

apt-get install wkhtmltopdf

But this gave me a version prior to 12 which is required.

Answer recomended at:

or pointing to pull one of these  


Several dependencies needed that cannot be pulled from TKL Postgres Wheezy




I assume I can pull these from somewhere however, I also feel I am already hacking my syst a bit.

Also, instructions that I used (DELETED SUDO) that needs the dependencies

follows with 

  • cp /usr/local/bin/wkhtmltopdf /usr/bin
  • cp /usr/local/bin/wkhtmltoimage /usr/bin
  • restart server.

Will I need to do similar moves?



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Deleted as complicates the solution below


Trying the following (after some trial and error and reading

apt-get install xfonts-base


dpkg -i wkhtmltox-

apt-get -f install

No crash yet. Wahoo, actually emailed out a Sales Order properly.  Test the Invoices next.

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@L.Arnold - not sure if you saw but I had a little play with Odoo and got it close to being ready for appliance build. I was almost going to take it all the way to being an appliance but I ran out of time to quite get there...

Have a look at this post...

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Thanks for the note though Jeremy. (forum posts do get beyond me sometimes)  Looks like we got the same wkhtmltox approach though your Arch setups look interesting.  Seems you have that in TKLDEV.

will head over there (already posted one on my phone but difficult to edit/control so need to fix).

Again, turned out I did not need Jessie.  wkhtlmtox is supported as a package in Jessie but not in Wheezy whiich is how I inadvertantly started posting here.  I thought I needed Jessie.

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