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Dear all,

I've been using this PostgreSQL Virtual machine without a single problem for months. Since yesterday however it refuses to start.

Attachment Oracle VM VirtualBox Manager.png is how the machines settings looks like in Oracle VM VirtualBox Manager (latest version).

When I try to start the machine I get this message: VirtualBox - Error In supR3HardenedWinReSpawn.png

After clicking the Abort button I get another message: VirtualBox - Fout.png

The logfile this message refers to is added too. I only changed the extension from log to txt since the forum doesn't allow for .log files.

For me all of this is chinese, but I know there are some clever guys around here who can help me out. Thanks to all of you!

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And while I didn't get a clear 100% answer or solution it seems to be anti-virus related... Something in VirtualBox giving a false positive so the AV steps in and "fixes" it...

After having a quick look at your log I suggest that you format your harddrive and install Linux. :) Just joking (sort of). I suggest that you try on the VirtualBox forums. It seems pretty clear to me that there's something going wrong in VirtualBox somewhere...

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Sorry I don't have the links handy anymore. But the reason I thought it was AV related was because when I googled it that seemed to be a common thread for other people experiencing the issue...

So to be completely honest I wasn't totally sure at all, just seemed like a common cause of that issue. Regardless; going from the error message it seemed that it was clearly a software issue (i.e. something wrong with VirtualBox). As a general rule if it was working fine, and you haven't updated anything or changed anything yourself then that's leaves anti-virus and windows auto-updates as the most likely causes...

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