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I am subscribing currently to Turnkey Hub to store my backups of my Turnkey Instance.  One of the features that it had that I have been using for awhile is the "Restore to a new Cloud Server".  They have recently upgraded the Admin Dashboard for the Turnkey Hub and when going to the "BACKUPS" section the option to Restore to a new Cloud Server is no longer available in the details section of my backup.  I relied on this to test my Backups and to create developement servers based on my latest production server.  Can someone assist me and tell me what I am missing because I can't find this option I feel that this was the best part of this service? 


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And then select the backup set you wish to restore from. It should drop down with more info. Right at the top (of the info that drops down) there is a button: "Restore to new cloud server"! That's probably the one you are after! :)
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I have been going there and I don't see it.  Here is  a screenshot:

The only option that is available now is the Restore.  If I hit the restore button I get this screen:

Please advise as this was my comfort of checking all of my backups.




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I have a number of back up sets and they all have the "Restore to new cloud server" button (different to your screenshot). Except now that I look closer, the one LAMP server I have is the same as your screenshot.

I'm guessing that it must be to to with LAMP for some reason. I'm guessing that it's a bug... I'll have to speak with Alon about it.

Thanks for reporting. Also I've lodged an issue on our issue tracker:

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It isn't because of the Hub upgrade. It's because the old v12.x (Debian Squeeze) based servers have been depreciated and are no longer available. And although it's probably a little bit of a pain you will be able to resolve it and get back to how it was (and "Restore to a new cloud server").

So the solution is to go through the process of launching your backup into a new server. Check that everything works as it should. Then upgrade your production server to v13.0 (Debian Wheezy based)...

Although it will mean a bit of a process, it's probably a good idea to update anyway...

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Thanks for looking into this Jeremy, but your suggestion to "go through the process of launching my backup into a new server" is where I am kind of lost.  I don't have any option to launch my backup into another server to even start the upgrade process.  The only option I have is to restore from the web admin for tklbam.  Is there another method that I missing?


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The first time you do this you'll need to manually restore your data inside a new running server... I.e. you need to create a new server through the Hub interface (big blue button "Launch new server" on the left, second from the bottom). Make it the same as the one that you are migrating from; LAMP by the look of it. Once you take a backup of a new server; then the option to "Restore to new cloud server" will be back! :)

When you restore your backup to this new version; you have to do this bit manually. This is because the version of TurnKey you are running is no longer available on Amazon. It should all go smoothly but I recommend that you document every step of the way. Then you can redo it all when you move your site (to the new server for real.

There's no real rush as you can continue to use your old server; but it sounds like that to get the best out of your Hub account (and test your backups really easily) you'll need to migrate to the newer version.

Then once that is all working properly (which shouldn't take too much). Then do a backup of your old site; restore it to a new one (following your notes from before). Once you are happy with everything; then do a backup of this new machine. It should create a new backup record in your Hub account. One which will be able to "Restore to a new Cloud Server"! :)

Please post if you have issues. I try to post fairly regularly and I much prefer to assist in the forums (then others can read it too) but if I'm slow to respond then you can always bump me via email.. :) Please include a link back t o your forum post.

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