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Need Help!!!

last week I found an old redmine system (Redmine 1.3.2.stable.9240 (MySQL)) within our network (do not ask further). Now I whant to upgrade this to the current stable version.

What will be the best way? Setup a new system and transfer the data? How? 


Upgrade the old version? How?

Do someone have hints, how tos or something like that for me? Thank a lot!



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Although the long answer might be a bit trickier than that...

TBH I have never tried it but here is what I would try:

The first thing that I would try before you do anything is run a TKLBAM backup on the current server. Then start a new VM and try restoring the data to that...

Hopefully it will be that easy, but who knows!? Don't destroy your old machine until you are sure that everything worked! Also FWIW the current version of Redmine is a bit out of date but we are working on a new release (of all the appliances).

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