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 Is there anything I can do to help make or test version 14 Turnkey  lxc  or openvz templates for proxmox?

The next Proxmox version (4) uses lxc not openvz.  However proxmox has an automatic conversion from openvz to lxc. So templates for vz or lxc will work.


PS: thank you for  the v14 release!




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TBH I haven't tested them but I have discussed with Dietmar (from Proxmox) and he suggested that the old v13.0 templates should work fine (makes sense as LXC uses a foundation that was developed by OVZ devs).

Also v14.0 LXC/OVZ templates (as buildtasks will build) should also be fine; although we have it on good authority that systemd is problematic within containers. Our intention is to replace systemd with sysvinit (and a thing called "systemd-shim") and keep our fingers crossed that the systemd issues are resolved by the time Stretch (the next version of Debian) is stable (systemd-shim is not being maintained apparently)...

But to directly answer your question; a few things... It'd be great if you could test v13.0 templates on PVE v4 and let us know definitively one way or the other... It would also be useful if you want to have a play with buildtasks and see if you can get a) build TurnKey v14.0 templates ok & b) if they run ok and/or what you need to do to get them running...

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using version 13 turnkey  templates  in v4 proxmox works perfectly.  and fast.

another quesiton:  when using a v13 tk system, is it possible to upgrade  to v14 turnkey by just switching /etc/apt/sources.d/*  files to use jessie?  I know wheezy will upgrade to jessie,  I wonder if  the system will end up  with all turnkey system configuration upgrades. I tried back in early beta testing and as far as i remember the system was still v13 turnkey at motd message.

in a week or so will have time to do more work on this.



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That's great to hear! :)

Re upgrading v13.0 to v14.0; it should essentially work; although it will likely still report as being v13.0. The way we build the images not all of the code that is included comes from package management so unless you install v14.0 then strictly speaking it won't be v14.0... The changes between maintenance releases are less of an issue and tend to be smaller and more incremental. Personally I generally wouldn't bother. E.g. if you have a v14.0 server then reinstalling a v14.1 server and bringing across your data is probably not going to be worth bothering with...

Using TKLBAM is the easy way to migrate from an old version to a new version if/when you want to do that. You may need to do some minor tweaks after restoring your data but generally everything should work OOTB.

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