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(Sorry, I keep finding more things either missing, bugged or wrong):

In regards to OTRS Notification Tags, the information within the OTRS app (within the Automated Responses) section gives you a few tags to reference/use, but doesn't give you a full list.

When I google OTRS tags, I receive the following page:;ItemID=186 - but obviously, these tags are updated to v2.2 only. I cannot find anything for v3.3x and there are clearly a lot more tags that are available for use.

Any idea where I can find this information?

(example: the v2.2 guide doesnt show any of the Escalation tags, but clearly within the v3.3.9 version, Escalation tags are available)


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TBH I have no idea. I haven't ever used OTRS so I don't even really get the context of these tags and how they are used... Might be a question for the OTRS community (note these aren't "official" OTRS forums - TBH I couldn't find an official one...)?

If it has value and use then surely it must be documented somewhere? The fact that it doesn't seem to be makes me suspect that there must be a way of self documenting (i.e. to list all possibilities within the software)? However I have no idea what that may be...

If you work it out please feel free to share. If there is something that can be tweaked in the appliance to make it work as it should (and/or work better) then I'd especially love to hear about it!

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