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Can't seem to find the .ovf download for 13.0 64bit LAMP stack? Clicking the link has no effect and if I check out the Mirrors only the i386 is there. Is it available please?

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In as much as clicking on the OVF link redirects to a page that says "Please wait, your download should start shortly..." but nothing happens...

Howver if I click the link (on that page) that says "direct link" then it wants to download the 64 bit version... Also if you browse to the TKL SourceForge page, select Files, then OVF the 64 bit (amd64) v13.0 LAMP OVF is there...!

TBH though I didn't actually download the file, following clicking the link my browser gave me the 'Save file' dialog and I figured that that was enough. Let me know if not.

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Many thanks Jeremy, 'direct' was the only one I didn't try because the description mentioned WGET and it just didn't look like the right option.

Not sure why it's not on the Mirrors though and the OVF link doesn't work. Maybe that needs looking into.

Thanks again.

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Try the download links on this page: https://www.turnkeylinux.org/lampstack
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I just read your email:
please give me a link of download LAMP for CentOS 7.1 with Structure OVF for VMware 5.5 can you help me?

It's a pity that you didn't reply here on the forums. I check them regularly (or maybe someone else could have answered you) but the email address you sent to (admin AT turnkeylinux.org) is not always regularly checked (especially on weekends)...

Anyway; if you need CentOS you'll need to look elsewhere. All our servers are Debian based (latest builds based on Debian 8.2). They are all available in OVA (OVF archive) which AFAIK should be supported by VMware 5.5.

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