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I looked through the forum and did not see this question so thought i would ask.  I downloaded the turnkey core VMKD and it has the AMD64 processor indicated in the file name.  While I have built several VMs with VMWARE ESXi, they have all been Windows, Server, or Centos machines and I haven't really delved into changing the processor type when creating VMs.  As I haven't seen an applliance stating it was for the Intel line I was wondering is this is an issue?

If it is, where can I find the applliances for the intel cpus?

Thanks for the help,

Ron Myers

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AKA x86_64. It is irrelevant whether you have a Intel or AMD processor.

The OVA should just work OOTB with VMware. Or you could create a new VM and attach the VMDK that you've already downloaded. You shouldn't need to do any special config, defaults should probably be fine.

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