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I am testing LAMP on my LAN server and trying run there JOOMLA 3.4.8 one site with rewriting enable,

I have

-mod_rewrite enabled in Apache modules,

- .htaccess in /var/www/site/...,

- enabled rewriting in JOOMLA admin menu, 


but  index.php root JOOMLA don´t working, say´s me that page doesn´t exist

How can I enable correctly rewriting for JOOMLA  3.4.x ?

thanks and Happy New Year !

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Out of interest is there any reason why you're not using the existing Joomla 3.x appliance? I know it's not running the latest version (IIRC it has 3.4.1 rather than 3.4.8) but it should be straight forward to update and it should already be configured so after updating it should all work OOTB.

Regardless, have you got your Apache config right? IIRC for rewrites configured from .htacess files to work, you need the Apache site to allow overrides (as the Joomla appliance does here). [update - I just deleted your other post to remove the cross/duplicate posts. I then updated this post with my previous answer (from the other thread).]

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