Hello friends,

I can't enter to program after installation.

Could someone help me with information, this application has some user and password by default?

Note: try user: admin, password: admin and it did not work

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Did you do a baremetal, Virtualise or AWS?

I am going to assume local LAN appliance.

You need to run


to seed passwords etc

You should also run


to set your IP as static so you can point your browser to it without it changing.

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And as Chris mentioned in his post above - you need to manually run the firstboot init scripts when using OVZ containers...

As Chris wrote above, this can be done from within the VM with:


Or from the Proxmox host (substituting <VMID> for the VM ID number of the container)

vzctl start <VMID> #skip this if already running
vzctl enter <VMID>
turnkey-init #follow prompts

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I've been fooling around with TKL off and on but very much a newbie.  I have downloaded 2 appliances and both worked perfect..they ran the init and i was able to configure the appliance (wordpress & processmaker) , however for the observium, dokuwikki, and others I am just getting greeted with a login prompt.

I tried the vzctl command mentioned in the above thread trying to enter the container directly but that command does not work,I am on the lastest build of ProxmoxVE as of April 2016.

Process used...

I used the PVEAM command to view the tkl appliances and then I download them into a container (vs. vm).  Can someone tell me how to resolve this?  To be direct some appliances run the turnkey-init at boot and others go straight to a prompt.


Long term goal...

It's been my goal for over a year to build a Turnkey LXC (master server with all appliances)...but the lerning curve has been pretty rocky along the way.


Thanks for any assistance.

Getting to know TKL!

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used PCT enter (VIM#) to enter the container directly (i.e.  pct enter 102) to enter that container and that took me to the command line where I could kick of the turnkey-init to configure the appliance.  3 hours in...but found it.


TKL is pretty sweet!  Thanks to all the skilled pros making this a very attractive platform to learn and evangelize.

Getting to know TKL!

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There are some significant changes to Proxmox in v4.x so many of the commands you mention won't be relevant to the latest version. Also we have just released new images in the last few days so there is a possibility that a bug has crept into the new images.

Regardless, I'll have a quick look and see what I can see...

[update] Looks like you responded while I was writing! :) Glad to hear you got it worked out; although really if you use Proxmox's built in web console you should be automatically greeted by the inithooks. I.e. you shouldn't need to manually run 'turnkey-init'. Also FWIW inithooks will most likely already be running in the background so you will need to disable that so that when you reboot it doesn't reset all the initialisation again... I'll still have a look to see what I can see...

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