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I remember the good old days when we had to start a new project, and we got the usual constraints: We're using Oracle as backend with 2 Jboss in cluster and Apache on top... set up your test environment, use XX as integration env, start coding.

Jaysus! If only we had got this before i can't even imagine how many time we would have saved if we had built an appliance prototype for every project for the team.

This is outstanding guys, two thumbs up!

I think an interesting appliance might be a development projectware appliance (eg: cvs+bugzilla or horde, etc etc)

Anyway, thanks for this magnificient idea, and i will try to help in this project as much as i can, testing, submitting bugs, trying to build appliances etc etc

Count with me in this one!

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I agree. There's so much benefit to be had by integrating virtual appliances into the development environment.

New member comes on the team -- here's the development appliance. It has all the tools already installed.

I wrote a blog entry about it: http://leebase.com/javablog/?m=200812


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Thanks for the great feedback, and as Lee said, welcome to the team!

We have a couple of project management and bug tracking appliances in our sights such as trac, projectpier, roundup, redmine, mantis, bugzilla, otrs... eventually we will get 'em all!

We also have ideas regarding a code repository appliance. On a personal note, I prefer distributed version control systems, namely git.

Check out our development page for details on how to get involved and help out.
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I've been thinking about what would go into a development projectware type appliance that integrates everthing you need to support a development team.

It's a great idea, but what selection of components would go into it requires further consideration. There are so many competing projects out there...

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Well, selfishly, I'm most interested in a java stack with Eclipse/Tomcat/Jboss.

I'm in the process of creating mine now -- but it's currently on Fedora. ;)

Obviously -- a LAMP stack dev environment would be an obvious target. Many of the appliances we have are for LAMP based projects, so that's a natural.


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Well, actually i'm 100% in java, but i don't know if a java stack with eclipse would worth at all. It would involve to have a WM installed, and that would make the appliance quite big at all (also eclipse ain't small at all) But regarding the java stack, i fully agree. it would be perfect to have an out-of-the-box java stack with different appservers and jdk's already installed. Actually i have that in my personal laptop (Gentoo) with some scripts to change the env variables (jdk, ant, appserver home...) depending on the project i'm working on. Anyway, each engineer is a world, and what may fit me may not fit you at all


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I hear you on the desktop GUI. It would be nice to have the JBOSS server stack with database connections already setup for Turnkey Mysql and Postgresql database appliances (and Oracle if we get around to creating such an appliance).


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