Hi all,

I want to install a fileserver (samba) in my network. I have about 150 users (and more to come) that access that server (about 12 different groups).

If users don't have access to server via ssh (nologin) are there any other way to change their own password when they want to?

Simple users should only have the right to change their own password.


Is it possible to do that through the webmin?

Please guide me.

Does anybody else have the same problem?

Thank you

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Have a look at the Webmin docs. I've never tried it but seems pretty straightforward...

As you'll be using Linux users you'll probably want to double check that the Samba password is synced across too. It should happen automatically but well worth double checking IMO!

I didn't want to give access to webmin so I install usermin to the server and configure it to allow access from all users. I also permit access to those users only the change password module and nothing else.

Consider that as solved!

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Hi Christos

How do you get usermin module get activate?? I've got the same situation as yours with users and their password changes.

I've installed webmin-usermin packag from System->Software Package in webmin and I get Usermin under Un-used Modules menu

Any hint will be appreciated.


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Did you follow the Webmin "how to install Usermin" docs?:


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Yes, port 20000 is open in the Firewall, and I still get de module UnUsed and when I tried to access to <fileserver IP>:20000 I get connection timed out with HTTP or HTTPS

I restarted the Filserver and the behaviour it's the same. The rest of the Webmin modules that came in the Filserver Appliance are running OK

I cannot figured out which could be the problem




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TBH I have never used Usermin and have no idea how it works or why it isn't working...

Regardless it sounds like it isn't running at all though. Do you know if it's meant to run as part of Webmin or if it's it's own process/service? THat might help track down why it's not working?

In my experience when Webmin modules are "unused" it means that the Webmin module is installed but not the software that it relates too. I.e. if you uninstalled Samba (which I DON'T recommend BTW) then the Samba module in Webmin would still be there but would be moved to "unused". That's what made me ask whether you've actually installed Usermin itself or just the Webmin module for it. It sounds to me like that is what is going on, but I'm only guessing...

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Sounds like a much better solution than what I suggested. Thanks for sharing.

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