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I've tried create a remote desktop connection and creating a tightvnc connection. The RDP connection didn't work and the VNC connection didn't seem like it was bringing the full GUI up. What should I use to remote into the server and have full debain desktop?

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Installed xrdp, xfce, added security group for RDP and it's working.

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But unless you have some software that has a GUI then you are probably better off just using SSH (via PuTTY or similar) for commandline remote access or your web browser for managing via Webmin. NotePad++ is a great Windows text editor that can edit remote files over SFTP. There is actually a docs page on different ways/tools to use for remote admin here.

Otherwise your server is going to be using tons of additional resources for very little advantage (generally you'll still need to use commandline or Webmin for admin).

OTOH it's your server so if that works for you, awesome. And thanks too for posting back with an answer to your own question as others may also be interested.

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