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Hey guys,
I hope i writing it in right place :)

Why we are not able to download older versions anymore?

Fx. an older version Turnkey LAMP with php 5.3 I not sure it is version 13 or 14.

Can someone help me i need the iso file for booth for sure.


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I was checking the mirrors and it appears they only host 14.1 at this point. However, I found this particular mirror (which I do not know if it is official) where they have 13.0

Here is the link, you might want to verify it, obviously:

Since it is 13.0, it also hosts the i386 version:

Regarding 14.0, if I understood correctly, 14.1 is exactly like 14.0 with just a few updates (security mostly). I was unable to find 14.0 but 14.1 should have the same version of PHP.

Here is the page that shows you the changes between versions:

As you can see, the changes are related to installing security updates and updates made to the core turnkey packages, not with the version of PHP itself.

I hope this helps.

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U r a life saver..
I'm really grateful because u have used your time to help me.

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I am really glad that helped you. Regarding on why the older versions are no longer available, I remember reading a post where Jeremy mentioned that in the past the images were hosted in source forge and the hosts kept asking the TKL team to keep the size of the repository down which caused the team to only host the latest version of the appliances.


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Historically and generally, you are correct! Although we no longer use SourceForge, it's still a matter of keeping storage down.

Whilst our mirror network is gratis, we still pay storage costs on our master mirror (which only our public master mirror providers have access to). It's also about keeping our mirror network partners happy and not abusing the service they give us all for free. With ~100 appliances in ~9 different formats as well as 2 architectures (for v13 anyway + some v14.1 32 bit ISOs) it adds up to a fairly substantial volume!

I had hoped that we could keep some old version (at least the ISOs) but when Liraz last cleaned the mirror he pretty much nuked everything other than the latest version (v14.1).

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How big place they have need? i can maybe find free server place for them :)

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You are welcome and I am not sure myself. You might want to contact Jeremy to see if they have a need and what size would help, I recently joined the community (like yourself) so I just know a thing or two by reading through some threads.

Here is a few examples:

I appreciate your intention to help, that's what this community is based on. So, if you can help somebody else (or me in any thread I open) please feel free to do so.


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Lone Wolf has once again lead you in the right direction! :)

Basically the main reason why the images are gone is because we (I mean Liraz) "cleaned" them! :)

We do have a need to keep the number of images down as noted in my post just above (essentially keep costs down for us and our benevolent mirror providers). But also Liraz got a bit over-excited...

Anyway, thanks for your kind offer. If you would like to join our mirror network, then that may be an option. Please see here. Having said that though, unless you have access to a really good fibre connection that may not be the best plan.

However, I have just had another thought. Not sure if it's a good one!? Perhaps you could start a "community mirror" and keep some old version? If that mirror that Lone Wolf found still has old images, perhaps you could start a "community legacy build mirror"? That could be cool!?

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Thanks for your description :)

i will / i want start a mirror network (have 120mbit fiber)
A little bussy with an esxi server right now but when i have time i will create a public folder and create community mirror for others. :)


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Hi guys,

Over a year later, I find myself needing this exact legacy version for some migration testing.  The links above appear to be dead, and I can't find a mirror anywhere.

Can anyone help me find turnkey-lamp-13.0-wheezy-amd64?  Thanks!

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No worries about the necro, but unfortunately I can't help with the legacy download. Hopefully one of the others will be able to help you out.

Although, perhaps if you share why you particularly need an old release? E.g. specific version of some software you need?

If you can share your final aim and the need for an older version, perhaps we can come up with some alternate ideas to help you acheive your ends via an alternate route?

Obviously if you have data from a v13.x server, it will restore with minimal work back to a v13.x server. However, in my experience, migrating data to a newer release is usually possible. A couple of exceptions are when software has been abandoned, or the version used is really old and no clear upgrade path from a really old version to more recent version.

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Is there any chance that TKL Core will have a 32bit Distro?

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Providing 32 bit appliances added a fair bit of additional workload. And the demand for them had been consistently dropping, to zero some weeks, so we have stopped producing them.

However, there are still some old (v14.1) 32 bit isos on the mirror. Look for images with "i386" in the name.

To elaborate, the naming convention for TurnKey ISOs is:


And "i386" is the arch (i.e. architecture) of our old 32 bit builds. I.e. the most recent 32 bit LAMP appliance is named:


Please be aware, that Debian Jessie (what v14.x was based on) is still receiving Debian updates, but any 3rd party software included (e.g. WordPress in the WordPress appliance) will be quite out of date by now and may include security bugs. Many will be able to be updated, but some may not. If you stick to appliances that only include Debian packages (e.g. the LAMP appliance) you should generally be ok, but please feel free to ask.

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Thanks Jeremy for your assistance.

But I am only interested in the core version. The rest of the software, I use the 64bit.

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Core should only include Debian (and TurnKey) packages and no other 3rd party software, so you should be good there. Debian LTS support (i.e. updates) for Jessie will last at least until mid 2020 (perhaps even longer? - at least for some packages).

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I do recall someone made a couchpotato (and I think sickbeard too) appliance. I did use it, but it wasn't my creation.

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Yeah my username was "JedMeister", but that appliance wasn't mine. I don't really recall, so perhaps I tweaked it and released a "improved" version? But it definitely wasn't my creation originally.

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Awesome find! Great to know. I'm sure this will be useful for others.

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Sorry to bump it, but i found another link if someone wants to download slightly older version as i needed for testing purposes.



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