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When I log into any of the Turnkey Hub AWS servers I have running I see that the last backup was as per the schedule. 

However, when I log in to Turnkey Hub and go to the Backups Tab the last backs listed are from 1 or 2 days ago.

I was looking to restore a backup from recently to verify some data but I cannot identify the backup because Turnkey Hub does not list it.

Please advise.

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Apologies on slow response. We had a hiccup in the Hub's backend processing queue. That meant that some of the info that the Hub frontend was caching was incorrect. We're pretty sure we've fixed it.

Please check again now. Hopefully everything is all good again.

If you are still having issues, please contact me via the Hub's support link. You can find that second from the left on the top row. Alternatively click the blue and white message icon in the bottom left. If the blue & white icon isn't visible and/or the support link isn't working, please ensure that you disable adblockers or other plugins that block scripting. Then we can look into your account a bit closer to see what might be happening.

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