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I'm a little confused about how the migration to Stripe affects costs.

You say that fees drop and that there are no additional costs.

But when I see the migration screen it apepars that I will be paying at least $5 per month.

In comparison, I've so far been paying around $0.10 per month, and usually less, since I started backing up.

Can you please confirm that if I choose to migrate that I will be paying 50x what I currently pay?

Can you also please let us know how we can cancel the whole facility altogehter if we decide that the change in costs will be of too much an impact?


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Hey guys sorry I'm a bit slow responding, I've been pretty busy; doing DevPay migration support... :) . Let me try to explain how it goes:

Starting October 1st DevPay TKLBAM users get charged $10 monthly subscription (ongoing). That's on top of the existing $0.15/GB/mth. If you migrate to Stripe, most users are eligible for a 50% "lifetime" discount on the monthly subscription fee (i.e. $5) and pay only for the AWS storage costs - currently $0.03/GB/mth.

Note: If you DO NOT migrate or at least cancel your DevPay TKLBAM plan by 1st Oct, you will get charged $10/mth. The monthly charge applies to your DevPay account, so even if you delete all your backups you'll still get charged. Migration or cancelling your TurnKey "applications" on DevPay are the only way to avoid the charges.

If you migrate and you only have one server to back up, then you can downgrade to the "free" (Stripe) TKLBAM plan. You lose the 50% discount though, because it's for the life of your discounted TKLBAM subscription. So if you think you may want to back up additional servers in the near future, you may be better off staying on $5/mth?

Also TKLBAM can be used without the Hub, then it's totally free. It supports a ton of different storage backends (links below). The biggest downside of that is you need to configure it yourself and then manage your own backups. These links will probably be helpful:


    If you want to go the "independent" TKLBAM route, then some backends will require additional dependencies installed and configured. Unfortunately that part is not so well documented. If you have struggles, please post here on the forums and hopefully someone will be able to help you out. You could also assist with documenting it so it's easier for others.

    If you have more questions, then please ask. If you want to discuss anything directly with me, I'm often available for live chat via the Hub support portal (click support link when logged into the Hub). If I'm not online, I'll respond ASAP, usually within one Australian working day. If you're not online when I respond, then you should get an email notification. It will also pop up when you log into the Hub.

    I hope that helps.

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    Thanks for the response. Is it obvious how to downgrade to the free plan? (my backups are currently migrating).

    EDIT: The option to downgrade is available in the hub settings. However I appear to have been charged for one month even though I immediately downgraded.


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    As discussed off-list, apologies about the charge. You should have received a full refund by now.

    If you haven't, or have any further queries, please hit me up via support AT

    If possible, please email from the email address registered with the Hub. Then our support portal will give me access to your account info. Otherwise it's not that big a deal...

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    Thanks for following up. This had been resolved via support. Thanks again for the quick resolution.

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