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I've deployed the Turnkey OpenVPN device to my AWS infrastructure and got it all working successfully.

However, we have two subnets within AWS - effecitvely a DMZ and private subnet.  OpenVPN is deployed in the DMZ and I can access other servers in the DMZ.

What changes to I need to make to allow access to the private subnet as well?  I assume I need to add the subnet to the profiles within OpenVPN so client routes are established correctly?

I guess I then need to make changes to routing and security groups on AWS but not really sure where to start.  If someone has a quick guide to getting this working that would be great.


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I have only really used OpenVPN for testing so are not particularly familiar with using it in production. So while I think it sounds possible, I can't even point you in the right direction sorry.

Assuming you are using TurnKey v14.x then you should have OpenVPN v2.3.4. TurnKey is based on Debian (v14.x = Jessie) and we use the Debian package by default (so you can safely install auto security updates). Hopefully armed with that info, a bit of a google will bring some relevant info? I had a quick google myself and whilst i found some info, I didn't find any one doc that spelt it all out step by step.

If you find something useful, please post back as I think this is a really cool use case and I'd love it if we had it documented! I'm sure other users would appreciate it too!

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