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Grettings - I just installed the lates OVA on VMware. Very nice and works well. I am able to setup gmail to receive emails just fine. However, when I request user registruation, or reset passwords, and generate new tickets no email is sent. I expected with Postfix on localhost that would have been the least of my concerns.

Any help to get to the bottom of this would be fantastic!

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In theory it should all "just work". I haven't recently tested the OTRS appliance specifically but I have used quite a few of the others and they generally do "just work". However I've noticed that since I've upgraded my internet (and have lost my static IP) that sometimes mail doesn't send. I am assuming that sometimes I get an IP address that has been blacklisted?

Regardless, the best way to ensure email deliverability is to configure it to send via an SMTP relay service. There are a ton of different ones, ranging from free through to professional. Personally I've used gmail quite successfully. Please see the docs for a info on how to configure that. There are a few explicit examples, but the general info should cover most providers.

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