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I just downloaded the VM of the Trac appliance (version 14.1) and installed it on our vsphere. This worked fine. The server is running and I can access webmin.

However every HTTP or HTTPS call to the IP address returned an internal server error.

I could track this error down to /var/www/index.html

This file contained two additional lines after the closing html tag, which rendered it invalid and led to an error message "TemplateSyntaxError: junk after document element: line".

After I manually deleted those additional lines, trac started to work...

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Thanks for the bug report. Although IIRC Trac should be installed to /var/www/trac, so did you mean /var/www/trac/index.html instead?

Regardless, I've just added the issue it to our tracker and we'll investigate it and patch it for our next (v14.2) release. I was hoping to get that done by the end of the year, but I'm quickly running out of year...!

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It seems weird, but we were unable to reproduce your issue.

So I'm not really sure what we can do moving forward. If you have any more info please feel free to add to it. Otherwise we'll just have to leave this one for now...

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