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I know my way around Linux ok, but I'm a bit of a noob where Turnkey is concerned...

I was having some problems with my server not responding, so I did a restart and now the system does not want to come up at all.  When I look at the Console Output, the end of the output lsays:

[H[J  Booting 'Ubuntu 10.04.1 LTS, kernel 2.6.32-343-ec2'

root  (hd0)
Filesystem type is ext2fs, using whole disk
kernel  /boot/vmlinuz-2.6.32-343-ec2 root=/dev/sda1 ro xencons=hvc0 console=hvc

Error 15: File not found

Press any key to continue...

This server has been running just fine, I'm not sure why it sudenly decided to burp on me.  The base image used to create the server originally was lamp-11.3-lucid-x86.  Does anybody have any ideas how to resurrect this server?  (I've tried cloning a snapshot to get it to start, but the Console output has the same error).


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TBH I have no idea what the issue is, but it sounds like some serious data corruption. Could be hardware related? I'm only guessing...

Probably the only way to resolve this would be to boot from a live system and chroot into your old instance and attempt to repair the boot process. How tricky that will be will really depend on where your server is running and of course how corrupt the system is and how much data has been lost. This should head you in the right direction. FWIW v11.3 was the last version of TurnKey based on Ubuntu. From v12.0 onwards TurnKey is based on Debian. They are very similar OS, (Ubuntu is based on Debian) however they are not binary compatible.

v11.x is really old now and has not been supported for some time. The last time it would have received security updates would have been nearly 2 years ago. Migrating your data to a newer instance is probably an option well worth exploring. If your server is available on the internet, then I would encourage you to do that ASAP.

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