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Hi there - bit of a novice here, so forgive me.  Really pleased with the easy of installation and I was soon up and running, messing around with themes and whatnot but the disk usage was soon at 100% and everything fell over. 

Could anybody point me in the right direction to stop this occurring?  I suspect it's a slightly overactive backup? 



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That should generally not be happening. What size storage do you have? Where are you running this server? Cloud, local VM, etc? And I assume that you are using v14.0?

In the meantime it might be useful for you to try to see what it is that is filling up your filesystem. If it has even a tiny bit of room then you could install ncdu

apt-get update && apt-get install ncdu
Then run it on / to see what is using all your space:
ndcu /
Otherwise you could try using du (doesn't have as nice an interface and isn't as useful IMO, but should still help; also it should already be installed). I recommend that you limit it to only show files over a certain filesisze; e.g. 20MB:
du -h -t 20M /
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I am testing with the TurnKey 64bit AMI Wordpress 14.1 in AWS (got it from the AWS Marketplace and did not do it via your Hub, I'll test that next) and I wanted to install and run the 'ncdu' command you noted here (this is an old post but relevant to what I'd like to do I think). I ran those commands as sudo like so:

sudo apt-get update

and then

sudo apt-get install ncdu

and it installed OK. I next entered the command:

sudo ndcu /

but I got a "command not found" error. I did a "sudo -i" to get to root and ran it again but also got a command not found.  I had to find it and full path it to get it to work like so:

sudo /usr/bin/ndcu /

This was odd since /usr/bin is in my PATH ("echo $PATH" shows: "/usr/lib/git-core:/usr/local/sbin:/usr/local/bin:/usr/sbin:/usr/bin:/sbin:/bin")

Can you explain this? Is there something amiss with the VM or my installation? Will I have this command not found problem if I install other apps from apt-get that get installed in the common bin dirs? I terminated my ssh shell session and ssh'ed in again and still had the command not found error.

Thanks for any info

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TBH I don't understand. As you demonstrate, you have /usr/bin in your PATH (as you should). That should certainly not be occurring!

FWIW I'd like to say that you won't have that problem again, but IMO you shouldn't be having it in the first place! So I honestly can't say that you won't strike this issue again. I was going to suggest logging out and back in again, but you already tried that...

I'll have to launch an instance myself and see if I can reproduce it. If I can, then we have a bug. If not, then there must be something flaky going on with your instance. And TBH I have no idea how it could have happened...

I'll check and report back ASAP.

PS, thanks for giving me the URL to the exact appliance! That helps tons! :)

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I just launched a fresh instance (using the link you provided) and I can't reproduce this issue!?

All I did was launch the server, ssh in and did the initialisation. I did skip the sec updates step, but otherwise completed the setup. As soon as that was done, I ran "sudo apt-get update && sudo apt-get install ncdu". Once that completed I ran "sudo ncdu /" and it worked as expected?!

So just in case it was something to do with secupdates, I purged ncdu ("sudo apt-get purge ncdu") and manually installed all the secupdates ("sudo turnkey-install-security-updates") just in case it's something to do with those. As it has a kernel update in the sec updates, it needs to be rebooted. I'm assuming that you did that also? It did take ages to come back up after reboot, but once it did, I cleaned the apt-cache and re-installed ncdu ("sudo apt-get clean && sudo apt-get install ncdu"). And it still works...

So I don't at all understand your issue...?!

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