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if any Turnkey for email server like Ms exchange

and any Turnkey to backup all PC Doc .



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There used to be a Zimbra build but that seems abandoned.

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But hopefully it will be back! :)

It was abandoned because Zimbra stopped supporting 32 bit install (on Linux at least) and as TKL was 32 bit only it left no option. But now that TKL is 64 bit hopefully it will be resurected...

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“Our goal is to return Zimbra to its roots as an independent collaboration software leader with a vibrant open source community,” says Patrick Brandt, CEO of Telligent.

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TBH the last time I looked at Zimbra it was owned by Yahoo... I didn't even realise that VMware had owned it for the last few years...

Regardless, hopefully we'll see a new Zimbra appliance released in TKL v13.0.

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That looks like a pretty comprehensive tutorial! And we certainly could do with a mail server appliance. I think that the idea of a vanilla (or at least somewhat vanilla) Linux mailserver appliance would be good (as well as a 'bells and whistles' one like Zimbra too).

But unfortunately we have not been able to 'get ahead' in the way that we might have hoped. As such the likelihood of a new mail appliance coming out anytime soon is probably unlikely. At least one produced by TurnKey devs that is. If you (or someone else) wanted to work on one, then the likelihood of a new mailserver appliance being released would dramatically increase! :)

If that's something that you'd be interested in taking a crack at post back and I'll give you some more details and pointers.

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We would love to add an email server (back) to the library, but we've been super busy and we're already behind schedule on our next release. I'm really hoping that after we release v15.0 we'll have some time to develop a few new appliances.

If you are interested in pushing it forward, I'm happy to coach you. Let me know if you're interested and we can take it from there.

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What would be involved in creating one?

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Here is some getting started reading. There is also a doc page that has a number of links which may also be useful.

If you are keen to have a go, please start a new thread and ask any questions you have there. I try to post in the forums daily, but should at least respond a few times per week. If you aren't getting a timely response, please feel free to bump your thread.

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Thanks.  I will try it out.  I'll ask questions if I get stuck.

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Please don't hesitate to ask questions. Also if you have any feedback or suggestions (on the docs, or TKLDev itself) please let me know.

Good luck and hope it all goes awesome for you. Please feel free to share your code at any point and I can give you some feedback.

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