I have old LAMP image with tklbam 1.1. I am trying to backup to the hub but get this error. My other server's backup okay to s3

Traceback (most recent call last):
File "/usr/bin/tklbam-backup", line 266, in <module>
File "/usr/bin/tklbam-backup", line 199, in main
registry.credentials = hb.get_credentials()
File "/usr/lib/tklbam/hub.py", line 192, in get_credentials
return Credentials(response)
File "/usr/lib/tklbam/hub.py", line 160, in __init__
self.usertoken = response['usertoken']
KeyError: 'usertoken'

I have tried various options to update.


apt-get update && apt-get install tklbam*

I get

The following packages have unmet dependencies:

linux-image-generic: Depends: linux-image-2.6.32-74-generic but it is not going to be installed
 Also tried
dpkg -i tklbam*.deb turnkey-pylib*.deb pycurl-wrapper*.deb

With error

dpkg: error processing tklbam*.deb (--install):
cannot access archive: No such file or directory
dpkg: error processing turnkey-pylib*.deb (--install):
cannot access archive: No such file or directory
dpkg: error processing pycurl-wrapper*.deb (--install):
cannot access archive: No such file or directory
Errors were encountered while processing:
Any ideas so I can migrate this old one.
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Sorry it's getting really late here and I need to get to bed, but a quick hint on your issue. Firstly I'm guessing that this is TurnKey v12.x? You can check with 'turnkey-version'.

The dpkg commands require that you have already manually downloaded the relevant deb package, that why that's not working...

As to your issue regarding the linux-image; that is a weird one. I can only assume that at some point you have installed a custom kernel, or perhaps a kernel from backports or something. A quick google showed a couple of similar issues; this one looks possibly the most relevant (it's for Ubuntu not Debian so you won't be able to follow the instructions exactly but it may give you some ideas).

FWIW linux-image is the kernel package so it is pretty vital. I know that you are trying to get TKLBAM working but if you have anyway of getting some sort of backup prior to messing with the kernel I would highly recommend it...

If you want to avoid messing with the kernel for now and just get TKLBAM going, then you can manually download the relevant packages (i.e. using wget) from our repo: http://archive.turnkeylinux.org/debian/pool/squeeze/main/ then install them with dpkg -i as you are already trying (although I'm sure it'll work better if you download them first! :)

PS I thought I posted this before I went to bed last night but it seems I didn't... Sorry about that...

Thanks for replying Jeremy it is version


Ubuntu 10.04

Regards Paul



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we have not supported v11.x for a long time now. We made some quite significant changes to the Hub API last year and only backported them as far back as TKLBAM for v12.x.

Can you please email me directly (jeremy AT turnkeylinux.org) and we'll see what we can do...

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I have the same issue on an old TKL install (11.3). Any updates on a fix procedure?

Related: Do you have a quick link to a procedure to upgrade an 11.3 server to something later without having to do a total backup and resture manually of user data?


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There is a hacky workaround to get backups working again, but I'd rather not publish it publicly as it's not really a proper fix (just a hacky workaround). It also has limitations...

Among the limitations is that it only supports uploading backups, it doesn't support restore. So it really is just a workaround to allow you to get a current backup uploaded; not really a fix for TKLBAM on old systems. Would you like me to send you the file via email? I can easily retrieve the email associated with your TurnKey forum account if you like? Alternatively, if you'd like it sent somewhere else, please shoot me an email via support@turnkeylinux.org.

If you can post back with more details on what the server is and a bit of info about how you are using it, I could probably give you some suggestions on what you could do to migrate the data to a new server. We do have a somewhat generic doc page that provides a suggested workflow and some specific considerations for updating to v14.x. Some of that may still be relevant, but it was primarily written with v13.x in mind, so it's probably not that useful.

I suspect that the best way would be to just restore the main app and it's data and then manually make everything work. Like I say, if you can give me some details, I can provide some more targeted advice. You can still use TKLBAM to migrate your data - you'll just need to skip parts of the restore and make a few manual adjustments.

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