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Ed Carp

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Sedona, AZ
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Linux user, developer since 1992. Listed as one of the 100 founding fathers of Linux, as if that will get me anything more than a funny look if I tried to use it to get a cup of coffee at McDonald's - what, you mean I have to *pay* for coffee???   LOL!

I dislike anything except whatever will let me run my code as fast as possible - that means I love C (ASM is a pain to write) and hate Java, Ruby, Perl, and all those other interpreted, slow, bulky, CPU-eating, memory-gulping piles of gagh that people think are programming languages nowadays.  No, I don't have a shrine to Dennis Richie, Rob Pike, or Brian Kerninghan in my living room, although I've thought about it.

My PGP public key is on all of the PGP servers, encrypted email preferred.


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