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Hi All

I have just found this site and the appliances seem really useful.

Anyway my questions relate to the PDC Appliance.

For a while I have been searching for a less expensive PDC than Windows 2003 / 8 so that Windows clients can authenticate and access files shares etc.

I really just need a server for a small church where they can access files etc.

Is the PDC appliance up to the job of this? And what are the limits / restrictions?

Also I see there is an .ISO file so can this be installed on a bare metal server or can I run it under ESXi?

Also can MAC clients send and recieve files from the server?

Sorry for all the questions and any info greatly appreciated.


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If you only need a fileserver then the TKL Fileserver Appliance may be enough to fulfill your needs? If you do go ahead with the PDC then you may find the Quick Start guide useful.

Yes, you can use the ISO to install to bare metal or use the VM image (or the ISO) to install to a virtual environment/hypervisor (I highly recommend ProxmoxVE if your hardware is up to it).

A quick google suggests that MAC has Samba (Linux/Windows filesharing) capabilities built in (have a look here).

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Hi There

Thanks very much for your reply and the useful info.

Now any ideas on how to get the Samba users to work?


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