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Hey guys,

Having a hell of a time trying to get LAMP and OpenDC up into AWS. I provisioned the OVA's into vCenter with no issue, and even set up the initial configuration. When I try to migrate using the AWS SMS Connector, during the conversion phase, I get the error

Client Error: DHCP client not installed

I went into Webmin, and saw that both OVA's come with the udhcp pacakge, which to my knowledge doesn't have any compatibility issues with AWS. I don't want to risk breaking the appliance by replacing that with dhclient or dhcpcd.

Any ideas here?

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I have no experience with AWS SMS Connector so I can't help there. I'm not sure why it wouldn't work though as we also provide an AWS build and it is built from the same source (the ISO build) as the OVA builds are.

The only way that I've migrated data from a local VM to an AWS server is using TKLBAM. If you create a backup of your local VM, then launch a copy of the same server (ideally same version) from the Hub (or AWS Marketplace), then restore your backup to the new server. So long as it's the same TurnKey version it should "just work".

Having said that, I also don't have any experience with OpenDC and have no idea how you've installed it. Depending on how/where it's installed, you may need to tweak the default backup to ensure that all the required files are included.

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