The default root page of Tomcat on Apache is "TurnKey web control panel" located at /var/lib/tomcat8/webapps/cp (current tomcat version is 8).

Release note and wiki saying that /etc/tomcat8/mod_jk.conf redirects the root web page to the control panel with this code: RedirectMatch ^/$ /cp.

But I cannot find this code in mod_jk.conf (see attached screenshot). What tweaks are you using to make root page redirect to control panel? This information is important when I need do change root page.


From former changelog (14.2), I have found that you already changed the way of redirection. 

  • Replaced mod_jk control panel redirect with javascript redirect in index.html [closes #233].

And I found this code contained in root index.html

window.location = "/cp"

Problem solved. Thank you.

As long as there is no RedirectMatch ^/$ /cp, you should correct "Tomcat on Apache configurations" section of

This old code also written on wiki. Now I am going to correct wiki to remove this old code and put some annotation.

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Great catch, thanks for noticing (and reporting) that. And thanks tons to for fixing the docs. FWIW, the appliance page text is constructed from the readme file in the appliance build code source. So in the case of the Tomcat-Apache appliance, the buildcode is here (and the readme is README.rst). I'll fix it shortly and rebuild the appliance page.

Thanks again! You rock. :)

PS. I've now updated the appliance page. Please let if know if it makes it clear enough, or if you have any other suggested changes.

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