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What would be the best way to have muliple applications running and available from one interface?

If you wanted to have 

project management

service ticket creation

content management 




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Do you mean run multiple applications from a single server? If so, then using our LXC appliance is one option. I.e. run the TKL LXC host appliance, then install the specific desired applications within that as guests.

Another option is to setup one (TurnKey?) server and install Docker on it. Then use the TurnKey Docker builds as guests to provide the applications (the base/host server could be one of the current apps if you wished).

Or do I misunderstand your request, and you mean actually integrating the functionality of the separate apps together? If that's the case, then you'd need to explore the individual software to see how/if it can be integrated.

FWIW issue tracking and project management (particularly software project management) are integrated within a few of the appliances we offer. E.g. Redmine and GitLab both offer issue tracking and project management (both also provide version controlled code repositories too). I'm not sure if there is any specific software that contains all three of your desires.

Hopefully that helps. Please feel free to share some more context if I haven't really addressed your concerns/questions.

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I will say thanks for this one...

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