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Hey there,


great product, took mere minutes to get up and running creating users+groups. Would love for you to include a GUI driven feature to enable memberof functionality which is required by many number of integrations. At this time would like a easy step-by-step method of turning this on in Turnkey's version. There are a log of guide out there but they generally are over complicated and refer to vanilla installs. 

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I'm really glad to hear that our OpenLDAP appliance has got your started quickly. Thanks for the kind words.

I'm actually not very experienced with OpenLDAP (or LDAP in general for that matter). But a community member who has historically helped out tons with the development and maintenance of our OpenLDAP appliance; Jonathan Struebel; has posted how to enable "memberof" in our appliance.

It's probably worth noting that that is actually for our previous major version (v14.x). Fairly recently, another user has posted noting that they couldn't get it to work. Unfortunately Jonathan appears to be busy elsewhere as he hasn't responded. But as I replied, it should (at least in theory) be the same... I've provided some ideas for assistance.

It'd be super awesome if you could have a look at that and see if it works for you. If not, posting the exact error might be useful to assist with troubleshooting. And if you do seek assistance elsewhere, please feel free to post the link to your question (so even if you don't get back to us about the result, others can follow the thread).

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