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Hallo to everyone.
I know I must be making a very silly mistake... but I cannot find which one.

I've worked three days on it without solution so I'm quite desperate about it.


I've tried to install




In all the cases, setup ok, root password ok, but I can't find the password for the actual softare.
I reach the login page via web and then I have no way to test the software.

I've tried: no password, root password, "turnkey" and so on.

Can anyone give me a hint?
I feel quite stupid right now :)


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Hi there and welcome to TurnKey! :)

TurnKey appliances don't have default passwords, passwords are either set at first boot, or pre-seeded - via the inithooks system. Most appliances use the default username of "admin" (in the case of Collabtive, ProcessMaker & OTRS), although some use the email address (also set at first boot) instead.

Here is a quick rundown on the different builds we offer:

I'm happy to give more specifics, so please feel free to share which build you are using and how you are launching (as per above) and I'll do my best to head you in the right direction.

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Im install on proxmox from turnkey templates Collabtive.

Im write new password in first login but on web not work.

login: admin

password: password to im write in first loggin - not work and dont see button RESET PASSWORD

Please help

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Hi Jakob. Unfortunately Collabtive is abandonware, it hasn't had a release for over 5 years now! Hence why there isn't a newer release (and the latest release doesn't work with current PHP anyway). So I can't recommend using it.

The only reason we still provide it is for those that are already using it and want to launch a new instance.

Having said that, it should still work. I just launched an instance locally (on Proxmox), ran through the firstboot scripts and set a fairly simple password (just upper & lower case Latin characters and a couple of numbers) and logging into the web UI as 'admin' using the password I set, it "just works" for me?!

So my guess is that one of the characters that you used was either misinterpreted. Are you using a US-International keyboard? If not perhaps that's the issue? Perhaps retry using chars that will render the same regardless of what keyboard you are using?

You can reset the password by rerunning the firstboot script:


FWIW you can run it non-interactively too if you want, i.e.:

/usr/lib/inithooks/bin/ --email=YOU@YOUR_EMAIL.COM --pass="Your_New_Password"

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