I may have read some threads here about a mail server appliance and it seems someone came up with Zimbra.

I would suggest iRedMail, see https://www.iredmail.org/download.html

had that thing up and running also in a matter of minutes. A drawback - IMHO - is the quite restricted admin backend in the free (non-pro) version.

An alternative to that would be modoboa, see https://modoboa.org/en/ which still seems fairly easy to set up and with a much more feature complete admin backend.


Now I know time is precious and capacity restricted, which is why I suggest these two after evaluating for about a week all possible alternatives. These two could be low hanging fruits and are IMHO a missing valuable complement to current TKL portfolio.


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I agree that a "webmail server" is a significant gap in the current appliance library.

As you've possibly gathered, we did previously have a Zimbra appliance (many years ago) but they stopped supporting 32 bit (back when we were 32 bit only). We had always intended to re-implement the Zimbra appliance once we had 64 bit base. However, during that process, we also moved to a Debian base (originally TurnKey was Ubuntu based). And Zimbra only "supports" Ubuntu.

I'm sure we could get it working, but it means that users may hit issues in the future (trying to update) and also won't get any support from upstream because Debian is an "unsupported" OS (despite how close they are, plus Debian being the superior OS IMO).

I was aware of "iredmail" and was quite keen on using that, but you raise a good point re restrictions/limitations of the "free" version (which I was unaware of - so thanks).

modoboa is completely new to me and from a glance it looks awesome! So thanks so much for sharing info on that.

Regardless, I'm not really sure when we might get a chance to look into building new appliances. If you have any insight into installation, please feel free to share (e.g. any install notes you have) as that will help a bit. If you'd really like to push a TurnKey "webmail server" appliance ahead and am interested in getting a greater understanding of how TurnKey appliances are built, then I'm happy to provide coaching on developing some build code. And actually the timing would be quite good as we're doing some work on the TKLDev docs at the moment.

If you are interested in that, please get yourself a copy of TKLDev and have at least a glance at the docs (that's sort of like a "meta" docs page with links to more specific docs).

If you have other suggestion, feedback and/or questions please ask. I try to respond here in the forums daily (at least on work days). Sometimes I do that more often, sometimes a bit less (when I'm super busy).

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