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I downloaded the Deki Wiki Appliance and have it running on VMWare 7 on Windows XP Workstation to test. I am able to ping from the workstation the server and from the server I am able to ping other machines on the network, but when I try to SSH or web browse to the machine it fails.

I have tried recreating the network interface in VMWare and I have tried different IP's. When running netstat -a it says that www is running.


Any idea's as why I can't connect to the machine and con only ping?

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If not try using the one displayed in the appliance window following boot (blue screen with white writing). From my recollection VMware installs virtual interfaces on your host system which have IPs assigned, you can ping them but they do not provide connectivity to the VM(s).

Also double check that you're not using NAT networking. IMO 'bridged' is the one to use. Have a look at this topic - its regarding VirtualBox rather than VMware but the theory is the same and so should be similar.

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It turns out that I can't access the VM directly from the machine that it is running from, but went to another machine on our network and it works..

Must be some issue with VMWare on my machine, not with your VM.

The network is in bridge mode.



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Good luck working out your problems with host connectivity. Once you get it worked out, if you think it may be useful to others, perhaps post back explaining your fix.

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