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I am wondering if there has been an actual resolution for people like me that can't have the Drupal send any emails.

I can't find any posts about fixing this problems where Postfix wont send emails out on behalf of the Drupal Turnkey solution.

Here is what I have...

I think everything is good in the Drupal end and the problem is at the Postfix level.

I went to postfix logs and email queue and the emails that were supposed to go out, are still in the queue.

No matter what, the queue status says "No route to host".

Here is a mail queue line:

10DF071F15 2010/07/08 10:36 www-data@UNKNOWN MYEMAILADDRESS@yahoo.com 683 bytes connect to f.mx.mail.yahoo.com[]:25: No route to host

So, I decided to test pinging the destination server from the appliance shell and it responds fine.

Can anyone tell me what to look for? I don't have any restrictions in my router. I can send and receive emails just fine from any machine in my LAN to any email account.

I am running my Turnkey Linux Drupal virtual machine on my macbook pro via VM Ware Fusion and everything seems to be in order.

Do you think my problem has something to do with port 25 from the virtual machine? I am using the VM to develop a prototype version of an online application that I will present to my employer to improve a company procedure and I really need to be able to send emails from Drupal.

I was going to use other type of Drupal installatino but Turnkey seemed like a really good idea, no I am having second thoughts only because of this small problem. I have installed different types of Drupals including the Quickstart virtual machine recommended on the Drupal.org site, from-scratch-manual installation and Godaddy's single-click-installation. I have never had a problem making Drupal send emails.

Any help on this will be greatly appreciated.


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Many ISPs implement network policies that prevent customers from sending e-mail directly from their IP addresses. This actually makes sense because it makes life more difficult for spam botnets. The flip side is that even if your ISP doesn't implement these policies on their end, large e-mail providers may implement it on theirs following botnet spam attacks. Your IP may be blacklisted.

You won't necessarily find out using ping because that's a different protocol (ICMP). Try using netcat to connect directly to the mail server you are having routing problems to:

apt-get install netcat
netcat -v f.mx.mail.yahoo.com 25

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Tried netcat above to reach my ISP pop server OK.

So used Webmin to set Postfix Mail Server

General Setup ,What domain to use in outbound mail   to my ISP pop server!


I've had emails working to new users - so I know the system works.

Thanks for all the magnificent systems





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