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Will there be a docker image created for domain-controller 15.0?


When I click on the link in the web page, docker comes back with a 404. Looking in the docker web site, I see 14.x available but no 15.x.



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Short answer is you can find it here.

The longer answer starts with the fact that I need to fix the website links! It's on my todo list, but haven't yet had a chance to get to it.

Regardless, from the v15.0 release onwards, we've changed the way that we name our Docker builds. For full details, please have a look at the release blog. But essentially, we've dropped the version from the name, and instead now tag the Docker repo with the version. The advantage of that is that you can now always get the latest build by pulling the 'latest' tag, or get a specific version by pulling that particular tag (e.g. '15.0').

PS I have also tweaked your user account so you can now bypass the spam filters. Sorry about your troubles posting.

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Thanks for the info. No worries on the response time. I will take a look and get that downloaded and tested out in my environment.



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