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I am having challenges. I would like to have a library consisting of videos, audios and images. The Mixed Content library type only views audios and videos. Is there a way to add a new content type so that I will have one library with videos, audios and images as its contents?

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Hi there. I'm guessing that you are referring to the Jellyfin component of our Mediaserver appliance?

Assuming that I'm correct, TBH, I am unsure whether that is possible, and if it is, how you might go about configuring it.

I suggest that you consult the Jellyfin documentation and/or contact the Jellyfin community and ask about it. I note that they have forums, as well as chat. They also have a subreddit. If they don't already support this functionality, then it's probably worth opening a feature request on their issue tracker (although I urge you to double check whether it's possible first via one of the other support channels before opening a new issue).

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