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Are there any plans for bacula appliance?

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We're working on a bunch of new appliances for the next release cycle but currently network backup appliances such as Bacula and Amanda aren't something we are working on at the moment, in part due to lack of expertise with those applications. Haven't used them before.

In the mid-long term we will most likely look into both Bacula and Amanda, especially considering they are included in Ubuntu/Debian.

Note that if someone in the community stepped up and funded development and/or provided a good prototype virtual appliance based on TurnKey Core with the accompanying notes that could change the situation with regards to the next release cycle.

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After I'm done w/ the groupware appliance I think I will start looking into something like this for Turnkey. Either using BackupPC due to its simplicity or possibly Bacula or Amanda. Also I'm playing w/ the thought of creating a storage appliance. I recently tried to use another linux based storage appliance @ work and I noticed tons of issues and TBCH a lack of features, not to mention its not "simple". This would be a huge project but it would give a alternative to current solutions and provide more features, stability etc.
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Appliances can be so simple to use that it's easy to be forgiven for thinking they are also easy to develop. Anyone who has actually tried knows it can take a lot of work.

Awesome that you are stepping up to the plate. This will be a big help getting these appliances developed for the next release batch.

One thing. It would be great if you could update the development wiki every once in a while with preliminary results from your research. That would be a great way to get feedback and collaborate with other members of the community.

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I'm checking in to see how / what the thoughts are on a backup appliance. As a Linux newbie, I've been making good use of the appliances available here to help me get a jump on bringing on features. One I'd like to implement is a backup appliance. I realize that most savvy Linux users already have scripts handy for rsync or another command line utility. But coming from Windows it would be very helpful to have a plug-and-play solution, preferably with a GUI for management. I realize linux users shudder when I say GUI, but I'll admit it. For me its simply about what will get the job done quickly.

So, any progress on a backup appliance, bacula/amanda/etc. would be helpful.

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That's why TurnKey appliances come with Webmin. Sure, some Linux enthusiasts will occasionally thumb their noses at GUIs, but most realize there's a time and place for making it as easy as possible for users to just get the job done without opening up a manual page.

Regarding backup, Bacula looks great and I think it would be a neat idea to implement that sometime, we just haven't gotten around to it yet. So much on our plate. It would really help if someone who is interested in this from the community would pick up the ball and build a TKLPatch for this. If that happens we'll include Bacula in the upcoming release.

I'll research this one and see if it's one I can handle or understand. If I can, and no one else has stepped up, I'll be happy to work through it. Clearly there's interest and sincere investment.

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Will have a very good chance of making it into the next official release. I'm working on a blog post that will explain which appliances are on our todo list and need the community's help to make it into the next release.
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Has anyone seen this yet?

GUI driven, freeware, sounds like it will meet my needs of a quick solution. 

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It would be great if it could make it into the next release. As both Bacula and Amanda have Windows clients, A TKL backup appliance, teamed with TKLBAM could be the most awesome worksite backup tool!

I started looking at it at one point but got seriously sidetracked and never got back to it - story of my tech life really :)

If anyone's keen, nows the time to step up! I may have a look yet but not sure...

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Count with me for these ones! The TKL Appliance contests is ending, so I have to polish my TKLPatchs with the recommendations, and was about to release a last TKLPatch (or two but time have been short lately). I once tryed to config zmanda (I think) and really I wasn't technically prepared at that time. Now, with more experience and new skills and levels up (and new psionic powers :D) I think I'm ready to take this fight again. 

I have in my queue a Plone 4 (already done but haven't make latest details) and a ZenOSS (as everything is moving to the cloud, this one I feel it's important). Then I'll be happy to take a look at the Bacula appliance if no one else it's working on it. 

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I'll appreciate some feedback on this one, as I've never used bacula before. Please test and comment in the following thread:

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