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Firstly thanks a lot for turnkey linux appliances. love the light weight appliances.   

i have been tinkering around with customizing a turnkey appliance (remastering the cd). will surely document and share when i get the time. 

my question is - how do i add a custom recipe to the guided partitioning of the installer? (i want to have seperate partitions for /tmp /usr /var .. etc, by default during automatic partitioning)

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Thanks for the encouragement, we love getting feedback!

Regarding your question on auto-partitioning, the package in question you are referring to is di-live, but the partitioning is done by the partman-* packages (which were created to work with debian-installer), and included in di-live.

I know the above doesn't pin point exactly what you need to do to achieve your objective, but should point you in the right direction.

Let us know how it goes, good luck!
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thanks for the quick reply .. i had seen the d-i installer directories earlier.. but didnt figure it out. The recipes files are the ones to be used right? where is the default recipe located? will try and figure it out. thanks again..
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So I can't directly help with your question. However I may have some relevant info? Depending on what you are planning to install to, perhaps theres another way to skin the cat? If you are hoping to install to bare metal or to an unsupported VM type, then obviously, you'll need to work out the partitioning...

OTOH if you can get away with an OVA or some other type of supported VM build, then you can leverage the work that we've done. E.g. the current default VM build (OVA) is created by buildtasks: bt-vm

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