I instaled the drupal VM on VMware Workstation v:6.5.0 Build-118166.

I acess the drupal page with the IP adress, but not the IP:12320/1/2

I'm new in this kind of product and don't know what's hapening here, i need help.


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not just http, also you will need to allow an exception for a self signed security certificate (all web browsers should give the option to do this when you try to browse there).

Also make sure that you are using 'bridged' network connection and not a NAT one (although if you were it probably wouldn't work at all).

Thanks for your help,

I resolved the problem, because I have a proxy server, I must put in connection setting, the IP of the server in "no proxy for:".


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Glad you got your problems sorted. Any more issues or ideas for TKL please post back. Have fun!

I'm looking for a NAGIOS vm machine for my LAN, presently I use SpiceWork & Dude, it would be very nice if TurnKey decided to do it. I'd like to give it a try.

No rush. I'm now learning Drupal, which I'm planning on deploying in my Intranet!

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Nagios appliance: I agree that a Nagios appliance would be nice but it currently doesn't look like that is going to make it into the next release batch. If you or someone else is interested in picking up the ball, I'd look into investigating which of the front-ends are most user friendly. Usually there is a substantial learning curve involved in using Nagios as everything must be setup by editing configuration files.

Regarding forum etiquette: thread hijacking is discouraged. If you'd like to discuss a new topic, it's best to start a new thread. Also we strive to maintain the quality of discussion in the forums. Using IM-type short-hand (for => 4), emoticons and unnecessary exclamation points make it less likely that you will be taken seriously. Proper spelling and grammar are encouraged. Please don't take offense. I edited your comment for clarity. Welcome to the community!

Sorry about my informal expression, i'm not very good in english writing, so it's dificult to transmit the right ideas and even harder if I can't use the FireFox AddOn for spell checking like here.

Hope someday I have the knoledge to help Turnkey.

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Also I have found that spellchecking seems to work in Chromium, not sure how or why but it seems too. Anyway, even if you don't want to use that, just do your best and we'll try to help you out. Many others on here (but not me) don't have English as a first language so as long as you're having a go.

As for Nagios, if your interested, I commented about it briefly on another topic which may head you in the right direction. Also I just made a post about getting started with TKLPatch. There's lots of info here on the forums and the wiki so have a search. Any problems or confusion, start yourself a new thread and we'll try to help you out.

Good luck.

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