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It is a very good idea to create a appliance with OpenEMR and all the benefits of Turnkey Linux

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I'm sure the devs will be interested in your request and may well condsider it. However if you really want to see this as an appliance you may want to have a crack at it yourself. You may not make it in time for the coming release but it will still increase the chances of it becoming a TKL appliance.

Grab yourself a copy of TKL-Core-Lucid beta and have a read about TKLPatch. If you run into troubles some of the others here at TKL may be able to help you out (and me to, but possibly only with the basics until I learn some more).

But if that's not for you then the other (although possibly not quite as helpful for the devs) way to go is to install it yourself on TKL-Core and carefully document the steps, especially any idocyncracies or specific setups that are helpful for the devs.

Good luck :)

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Even I was looking for OpenMER from Turnkey linux.  Unfortunately it is not there.  But as OpenEMR depends on MySQL, Apache and php, it is quite simple to port OpenEMR to Turnkey.  

Trunkey is a great app to begin with.  I am using it in a slighty different format.  I am installing it in a Jump drive or USB.  Though it is a bit slow, neverthless it is able to give me all the featurs of an application, foe demo purpose.

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