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Template request: DHCP server LXC template for IPv6.
It would be nice to have 1 of these to automatically provide address to new containers.

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Out of interest, is configuring DHCPv6 something you have any experience with? If so, I'd be interested to hear some more technical suggestions on the best set up that would meet your requirements (and ideally also be a good generally useful config to ship with). Any other suggestions you might have would also be incredibly useful, e.g. software recommendations, etc.

Alternatively, if it's not something you have much (or any) experience with, could you provide any further info about what you've tried and the issues you've hit. Perhaps I could provide some assistance to get it working for you and we could use the info as a base for developing a new DHCP appliance.

Regardless, any further info you can provide regarding your use case and any particular advice you might have for us would be warmly welcome.

I'm not sure how pragmatic it'd be, but I'd be inclined to look at developing a generic DHCP appliance that can handle both IPv4 and/or IPv4. We could then have a first boot script to decide on whether it provides IPv4, IPv6 or both.

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Some people say that RADVD would be more useful on IPv6.
Found an interesting tutorial on it.

Who wants to build a LXC template? :)


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Hmm, radvd looks like it could be a very cool thing...

The only thing that jumps out at me re running on LXC is that to do the kernel teaks as noted in that tuorial, you'll either need to implement them on the host (in which case would be applied to the host and all containers, probably not desirable) or you'd need to use a privileged container.

Whilst currently all our containers require running as a privileged container (or tweaks), I figured it was worth mentioning, as our next gen (v16.x) will default to only requiring an unprivileged container.

Re actually building the container, from a TurnKey perspective, once we have the build code, the LXC build will just be a matter of course. If you installed a (privileged) Core container container, then followed that tutorial, you'd have yourself a DHCP6 container! :)

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