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I just installed TKL's LDAP appliance. I was hoping for a bit more functionality. Mainly, I belive I would still need to implement all interfaces for the non-admin users, such as new account creation and self-service password reset/change web service. I imagine that my usage senario is fairly typical -- my organization has several web apps and servers that we want to authenticate to using LDAP. 

The tool PWM appears to provide exactly the additional functionality I am looking for. In their own words:

'PWM is an open source password self service application for LDAP directories. PWM is an ideal candidate for organizations that wish to “roll their own” password self service solution, but do not wish to start from scratch.'

PWM can be found here: https://code.google.com/p/pwm/

Please consider adding PWM to the TKL LDAP appliance. It would make it much more of a turnkey solution.




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hello Jeremy,

+1 to the idea to produce PWM.... appliance. it's a tomcat thing. seems it should be relatively simple.

of course, not for me, but for you. ;-)


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Thanks for bumping this old thread. TBH, it had complete dropped off my radar!

I have added it as a "feature request" on our issue tracker. I can't guarantee that it will get done for the upcoming v16.0 release, but at least now that it's on the issue tracker, there is a fair chance that it might... And at least it won't get completely forgotten...! :)

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