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I am a new user of this forum. We have installed TurnKey OTRS 5s and are interested in knowing if TurnKey is planning to have OTRS Version 6.

Would anyone know if this is in the works?

I have looked into it and have not seen any traffic on it so far.

Thank you.

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Welcome to TurnKey - again! ;)

As I noted previously (elsewhere on your original question - since removed):

Yes our next release of OTRS appliance (TurnKey OTRS v16.0) will include OTRS v6. Hopefully it will be soon, but I can't promise an ETA.

My very rough (and possibly completely wrong) estimate is "a few weeks". FWIW we are hopefully very close to releasing our v16.0RC1 (RC = "Release Candidate") of Core (our base appliance that all others are built on). If we get some good feedback for the Core RC, then hopefully a "stable" v16.0 Core will be released soon after. That will most likely come with a few other appliances too (probably LAMP, perhaps some other "base appliances" and maybe even some LAMP-based appliances too?). Knowing that you are particular keen on OTRS (which is a LAMP based appliance) means that I can aim to somewhat prioritise that and hopefully we can get it into the first or 2nd batch of v16.0 appliances that we release.

If you want to help push things ahead, giving the Core RC a bit of a test drive and providing feedback would be certainly help.

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Hi Jeremy,

I have replied to this via a direct email to you linking you up with my IT contacts at our company.



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Legend! :)
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I just noticed your post from months ago... Apologies that I hadn't noticed it caught up in the spam filter some time ago...

Anyway, the updated v16.0 OTRS appliance has been released. Please feel free to test it out and provide feedback.

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