Same VM with the broken confconsole, so not sure if it is related (if it is, the TKL architecture is very brittle). I can change the password, but after rebooting the VM, I still cannot log in as root (anymore).

Yes, I did check quadruple times if there are no typos, keyboard-setting related mismatches etc.

It's pretty annoying as you can imagine.

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The commandline way of resetting the root password is (when logged in as root):


I've done that myself many times and never had any issues.

If that's not how you're doing it, could you please share your method. Please also share the range of characters that you are trying to use (e.g. uppercase, lowercase, numbers and if "special characters", which ones in particular).

One other thing that did just occur to me, is this in a LXC guest? If it's an LXC guest, then that is expected behaviour. LXC guest root passwords are actually set on the host appliance. Being reset within the guest will apply for that session, but after a reboot, it will revert to the original host set password. If it's an LXC host appliance, then that does not apply and setting the root password should stick.

FWIW, I'm almost certain that the Confconsole issue is irrelevant (which makes me think that this may not be a LXC guest).

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