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Someone posted a message asking about updates to the Ushahidi appliance. That got me thinking that perhaps Ushahidi and Sahana Eden might be enormously helpful to mobilise people in the fight againt coronavirus.

I learned that Sahana Eden is being used by a county council here in the UK. It was set up to deal with the aftermath of flooding but has been tweaked to handle the pandemic.

I don't know how much work is involved in getting those appliances up-to-date but it's worth asking the question.

Mark B

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Hi Mark.

Firstly, great idea. I'm not really sure why I hadn't thought of it previously...

Although FWIW we're currently working on the v16.0 major update, for all appliances. It's all taking much longer than I'd like, but it is happening. But following your suggestion, I'm going to prioritise both the Sahana-Eden and the Ushahidi appliances. Although if you're interested and able, please feel free to have a look yourself?! There are a fair few docs, although things are in a bit of a state of flux during the major version update... If you want to have a go and need a hand, please let me know.

Hopefully Sahana-Eden won't be too hard to updated. Ushahidi is another story though... The current appliance is WAY out of date. For a long time we were inadvertantly tracking an old, unmaintained repo which came to my attention late 2018. So that will mean a fairly major rewrite of the build code. Essentially a completely new appliance. I had hoped that we would have resolved that prior to now, but we're a small team with a long "todo" list...

Finally, apologies about the spammer... I've now blocked the account and removed the spam posts (and your replies).

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