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Anyway, we currently use a 3rd party company to scan and store our home documents. It has
worked out ok the last few years, however they are going to an all on-line service and 
dropping the desktop version of the software in favor of online application.

I was looking through the apps list and did not see any eDMS/DMS systems in the library.
Are there any good still open source ones out there? If I find one that looks good and will
do what I need it to do, I was going to build it on top of TKL LAMP/LAPP, it could end up
as a TKLDev build code on GitHub if you catch my drift :-) (I would submit it for inclusion 
to the library)




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In TKL library there is Mayan EDMS which handles documents archiving, permissions, document scans and OCR too. Moreover it has a workflow feature as well. I deployed it at my work and it is working great. Let me know your needs so I can give you an insight if it would work for you or not

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Beat me to it! :)

Glad to hear that you're using it and having a good experience though! :)

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