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Newbie here. Looked through the 5 pages of ALL apps. Can't see MediaWiki, Drupals 8 & 9. Search for these apps shows they exist. Wtf?

PS: Would be handy if names could be sorted alphabetically.

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Checked previous claim several times before posting: there were no MediaWiki and Drupals 8, 9 apps. Just checked it again, and now those apps are there. So are others that weren't there before, eg, ZoneMinder. Something screwy going on.

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Ten mins ago, looked through ALL apps again. Leantime appeared on pages 4 *and* 5 (same link). Checking just now: Leantime is on page 4 only, but MediaWiki, Drupal 8 and ZoneMinder have disappeared again. Drupal 9 still there. I give up.

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Liraz, who is one of the TurnKey Linux founders devised the front page appliance list functionality and built the search box. That all happened long ago, and Liraz is focused on other projects these days. It was built long ago. We've updated the look and feel of the site to some degree, but in essence, the site hasn't had major work for some time now and is probably in need of a major update/revamp. I'm not a PHP guy, so I have no idea about tweaking what we already have (I just keep the basics working...). So we do plan to do the major rewrite/revamp of the website at some point. However, we're a small team with a lot going on, so the website doesn't (and probably won't) get the love it deserves any time real soon...

The list of apps on the front page is meant to be ordered by popularity, but I'm not sure whether that still works? Your experience suggests that something quite funky is going on... Having said that, the search box (in the middle of the front page; just below the fold - as opposed to the search box in the top right corner of every page) should work quite well?! (The search box in the top right corner is the default Drupal search and is a bit hit and miss). Let me know if something you're looking for isn't showing up.

In the meantime, if you want to browse through all the apps, you might be best off looking through the list of all of them. I forget what order they are in, but they should all show up there. Also, the app tags on the left hand side should work ok too?!

If there is something specific you are looking for, please let me know and I'll point you in the right direction (I'm fairly intimately familiar with the library...).

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Hi Jeremy. Thanks for the detailed explanation.

Wappalyzer tells me your website is Drupal 7. I used to know a bit (just a bit) of Drupal 7, back in the day, and still have the books. Also, I have the time. Happy to have a quick look at the website, if that helps.


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Thanks for the offer Steve! You're right, it's Drupal 7. I suspect that some of the issues may have occurred during migrations between Drupal versions (IIRC it was originally a Drupal 5 site?!). IIRC I think Liraz said that originally he had hacked the drupal code itself, but when we moved to Drupal 7 that was all moved to custom modules (as it should be...). I'll discuss with my colleagues and see if getting you access to the code in a safe way that respects existing user's privacy is possible?!

Regardless, thanks too for reporting. I wasn't aware that the front page was that broken. I've opened an issue on our tracker so it doesn't get forgotten.

In the meantime, welcome to TurnKey and if you have any (other) troubles finding what you're after and/or further feedback and input, please do share! :)

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Cheers, Jeremy. I just updated my profile, if that's of interest.

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