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I am playing around with upgrading a turnkey appliance based on debian-buster to bullseye.

I changed the /etc/apt/sources... files to reference the bullseye repos and imported the GPG-keys for the turnkey bullseye repositories. But an apt-upgrade fails because file from the repository does not have the expected size (and Hash):

E: Failed to fetch 
  File has unexpected size (258712 != 258648). Mirror sync in progress? [IP: 80]
    Hashes of expected file:
     - SHA256:d230c7cf52e7285f1485db0e346314917e3e6766fd6b2f465e2d7025776fc88a
     - SHA1:31e079351c41a1f5cefabcbecddc5d80b2881b16 [weak]
     - MD5Sum:8b077a3181c620604f6f6ee9d5b2726e [weak]
     - Filesize:258648 [weak]
E: Unable to fetch some archives, maybe run apt-get update or try with 
The file in question is fairly new in the repository (change date from Dec. 

Is this a remote problem (repository) or is that something I can fix locally?

Thanks for any hint

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I was just poking around and discovered the above deleted post?!

FWIW it was an issue with our repo. I repushed and cleared it up so all should be ok ATM, but I do plan to do some repo maintence soon. I will post a blog post about that and what you can do to clear all the apt cache on your local machine after I do that...

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