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I have setup a fresh turnkey Redmine appliance (debian-10-redmine_16.1-1) on proxmox. I need subversion server to keep track of changes me and my team make to various files. I choose svn over git as the primary users are just introduced to version control and git is overkill in this case.

Using the helloworld example, it gave me permission errors, solved by: chown -R www-data:www-data helloworld

But it then allows me to commit as an anonymous user (no matter what I do).


anon-access = none
auth-access = write
password-db = passwd


harry = harryssecret
sally = sallyssecret

Tried to commit as an anonymous user: ...success!

Tried to commit as 'harry' with wrong password: ...success!

Of course using the proper credentials committing worked as well

I'm completely flabbergasted by this. Both commits should have failed or have been denied. The expected behavior should have been: only harry and sally are allowed, anonymous users are not allowed anything.

when looking in redmine, no author is shown next to the commits that are supposedly authorized commits. I have a suspicion that authorization is not considered -at all-.

What am i doing wrong / what might cause this unwanted behavior?

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IMO unless you are already using SVN, I recommend not using it. Git isn't that hard and there are lots of UIs and integrations. AFAIK these days SVN is mostly only used by Universities and other large institutions that use it for legacy/historical purposes.

Also, be aware that this will likely be the last TurnKey release of Redmine with SVN support. It adds to our maintenance overhead and there are very few SVN users these days. At this point we are planning for the next release of TurnKey Redmine to only support git.

Regardless, the current appliance does have SVN and it should certainly work!

Unfortunately, I'm not very familiar with SVN though. Although I have been involved with the maintenance of the Redmine appliance, I'm not clear on SVN at all.

So could you please step me through exactly how I can reproduce your issue? It would probably save me time reading if you could be good enough to share the client software and commands that you are running in your tests too (e.g. "Tried to commit as an anonymous user", "Tried to commit as 'harry' with wrong password").

If I can recreate the issue, I feel pretty confident that I can work out a fix.

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